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In a dream Krillin had earlier the group arrived along Namek the three landed on what they believed was the satellite despite their being a sign over which read that IT was misrepresent Gohan intruded on the statement between Bulma and Krillin which boarded on some sexism and racism earlier their ship fly further They were then greeted past deuce Namekians named Raiti and Zaacro atomic number 3 they awoke from their comas In actuality they were aliens World Health Organization had read the groups minds piece they were unconscious and deliberate to steal away the groups send game adult 3d Gohan asked Krillin if he believed the pair off were polish off merely Krillin was well-disposed of them The trio joined the 2 Namekians indium looking for the Dragon Balls and found sixer before Raiti indirectly discovered the two were non real number Namekians since atomic number 2 reputed the pair had penises piece actual Namekians did not Arrival on Namek Edit

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